Who Are We?

The founder and still current owner of Computer Supply Express, Ian MacDonald, came from an office supplies background where in 1989 he saw a need in the market for a business to business supplies reseller with a strong customer service team.  At the time there was a lot of confusion out there and a lot of incompatible products were being shipped back from frustrated customers.  Ian’s motto has always been to ‘under promise and over deliver’, tenets that seemed to be unique in the market at the time and seem just as rare now.   The response was enthusiastic, and Computer Supply Express was off the ground running.

When hiring Ian chose technical people with customer service attitudes, and soon Computer Supply Express was able to stretch our product offerings to include hardware, software and peripherals.  Growing in areas that our customers needed us to, we’re now experts in a broad range of technologies.  We support solutions for the desktop and the data center and for everywhere in between.  Working with Canadian distributors when possible, and global manufacturers and developers, your team at Computer Supply Express will provide you the best products and solutions available on the market at prices that can compete against anyone, even the online catalogue companies.

How do we do it?  We keep our costs low.  A few years ago we moved to a work-from-home model so that sales people, technicians, customer service reps and administrators could all be freed from the drudgery of a commute and the monotony of a cubicle, which also freed up a lot of the monthly budget that used to be spent on office space, utilities, supplies, maintenance, etc.   Now our team members work in a comfortable environment, are stress-free and happier, and they get more work done in less time.  This is how we can offer the best pricing and the best service and support in the industry!

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